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Branches Affected by Construction

Branch Construction/Furnishing/Set-Up Facility Opening
Toco Hill-Avis G. Williams Library July 2008—May 2009 Opened 6/22/2009
Northlake-Barbara Loar Library August 2008—May 2009 Opened 6/1/2009
Embry Hills Library April 2009—March 2010 Opened 4/5/2010
Tucker-Reid H. Cofer Library October 2008—December 2009 Opened 1/25/2010
Stonecrest Library December 2008—August 2010 Opened 6/13/2011
Hairston Crossing Library August 2009—Fall 2010 Opened 4/18/2011
Salem Panola Library August 2009—Fall 2010 Opened 6/6/2011
Scott Candler Library Fall 2010—Spring 2012 Opened 8/20/2012
Ellenwood Library TBD TBD
Northeast Plaza Library TBD TBD
Brookhaven Library TBD TBD

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New Libraries Branch Pages

Below you will find more information pertaining about each new library branch.

Bond Library Projects Overview

On November 8, 2005, residents of unincorporated DeKalb County approved a $230,000,000 Bond Referendum for the improvement of transportation, parks/greenspace, and library infrastructure. $54,540,000 is allocated for the library portion of the referendum which has 13 proposed projects - three new libraries to address populations currently unserved, four expansions of existing libraries, the replacement of five library facilities, and the upgrade of one library to improve visibility and vehicular access. Following is the complete list of projects:


Facility Status Original Future
Embry Hills Branch Expansion 4,000 sq ft 8,000 sq ft
Northlake-Barbara Loar Branch Expansion 10,000 sq ft 15,000 sq ft
Salem-Panola Branch Expansion 4,000 sq ft 18,000 sq ft
Stonecrest Area Branch New N/A 25,000 sq ft
Toco Hill-Avis Williams Branch Replacement 9,335 sq ft 16,800 sq ft
Tucker-Reid Cofer Branch Replacement 12,140 sq ft 25,000 sq ft
Northeast Plaza Area Branch New N/A 18,000 sq ft
Brookhaven Branch Replacement 6,800 sq ft 15,000 sq ft
Hairston Crossing Branch Expansion 4,000 sq ft 18,000 sq ft
Library Processing Center Replacement 9,920 sq ft 22,000 sq ft
Ellenwood/River Road Area Branch New N/A 12,000 sq ft
Scott Candler Branch Replacement 8,700 sq ft 12,000 sq ft
Redan-Trotti Branch Access upgrade N/A N/A


How the Projects were Selected

DeKalb County has experienced major growth in areas that currently do not have easy access to a public library. Many existing libraries are undersized and open insufficient hours. To determine the areas of greatest need, public meetings were held across the county, and library users were surveyed as part of the development of a 2006-2025 Library Facilities Plan that has been adopted by the DeKalb County Public Library Board of Trustees. The 2006-2025 Library Facilities Plan is intended to move the DeKalb County Public Library from its current .38 square foot per capita space inventory to a minimum standard .6 square foot per capita level for a 2025 projected population of 938,000+ persons (an increase of over 225,000 persons above the present population). The above projects are the thirteen (13) highest priority projects in the facilities plan that are located in unincorporated areas of the county. Projects within cities were not included because city residents did not vote on the referendum.

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