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Why Plants and Animals Sting, Turn our Tongues and Make Us Sick? Print
Date: Tuesday, May 20 2014, 10:30 am—11:30 am
Location: Decatur
Event Type: Informational Programs
Series: Living the Green Life
Age Group: Adult (18+)

From tomatoes, bees and thyme to exotic saddlebacks, milkweed and fire ants, plants and animals use potent chemicals to subdue their prey, ward off competitors and predators to stay alive.  Discover the venomous, poisonous and the terrible-tasting plants and animals in the garden and their secret chemical lives. Melanie Heckman, M. S. in Biology from Georgia Tech and Education Program Manager at the Wylde Center, will discuss the hidden chemical ecology of the garden. Learn how organisms produce, obtain and deploy these chemicals and how it affects their victims.

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