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NOTE: Access to NetLibrary downloadable audiobooks has ended.

Please check out OverDrive, our new downloadable audiobook service, which features more current, high-demand titles (including New York Times bestsellers), increased compatibility with portable players, and an easier download process.


Photo of Man Enjoying eAudiobookDownloadable eAudiobooks are digital versions of audiobooks that are available through the Internet. Once downloaded to a desktop PC or laptop, they can be immediately used or transferred to a portable media player. Because they are available from home or the office, you have access to them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With about 2000 eAudiobooks in both fiction and non-fiction, everyone from children to seniors will find something of interest. Over 40 titles are added monthly, be sure to check back regularly for everything from best sellers to college lecture series.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I download eAudiobooks?
  • How do I listen to eAudiobooks?
  • What do I need to listen to eAudiobooks?
  • What is the checkout period for eAudiobooks?
  • How many eAudiobooks can I have checked out at once?
  • What is the difference in CD and Radio quality?
  • Can I download eAudiobooks at the Library?
  • Can I burn an eAudiobook to a CD and play it?
  • Can I play eAudiobooks on a Mac or iPod?
  • I am having trouble signing on


How do I download eAudiobooks?

Any computer or device with an Internet connection and a web browser can be used to download eAudiobooks.

  1. From www.dekalblibrary.org, follow the eAudiobooks link.
  2. Log on with your library card and PIN then sign on to GALILEO to go to the NetLibrary page.
  3. Create a free NetLibrary account, or log into NetLibrary if you already have an account.
  4. Search for and locate an eAudiobook which interests you.
  5. Download the eAudiobook to your computer.
  6. Downloading the eAudiobook checks it out to you for three weeks.
  7. Open the file in your media player to acquire the license to play the file.

How do I listen to eAudiobooks?

Use your media player software to locate and play file you downloaded. You can listen to the eAudiobook as it downloads, but it is recommended that you down load the entire file first.

You can upload the eAudiobook to a suitable portable listening device.

What do I need to listen to eAudiobooks?

On your computer you need software to play the file:

  1. Windows Media Player version 9 or later
  2. Musicmatch (Yahoo! Music) Jukebox 8.2 or later
  3. Nullsoft Winamp v5 or later

A high-speed Internet connection is highly recommended.

You can upload and listen to eAudiobooks on portable devices such as MP3 players, PDAs and even some smartphones. Your device must support protected Windows Media Audio (wma) files and have enough free space to store the eAudiobook (typically 145 Mb for a 10 hour book). Your device should have at a minimum a pause/resume function, or better have a bookmarking feature. Fast forwarding to your spot hours into a book is not practical. For more on supported players see: List of Supported Portable Devices

What is the checkout period for eAudiobooks?

eAudiobooks come with a license that is good for 21 days. You can renew any eAudiobook once for an additional 21 days from your NetLibrary account without downloading the file again.

After the 21 days, the license expires and the file will no longer play. The file remains on your computer/device, so you should manually delete the file when you are through listening to it, to save space.

How many eAudiobooks can I have checked out at once?

You may have up to 10 eAudiobooks checked out at one time. You cannot return eAudiobooks early, but must wait until 21 days pass.

What is the difference in CD and Radio quality?

When you start a download, you are asked to select CD or Radio quality. CD quality files sound better but are much larger and thus take longer to download. Most portable listening devices won't play files of lower than CD quality (32 kbps sampling rate). Select CD quality if you have a broadband Internet connection, or intend to upload the file to a portable device. Select Radio quality if you have a dialup connection and intend to listen on a computer. A table of file sizes and download times is available here.

Can I download eAudiobooks at the Library?

No. The Library's network does not have the capacity to handle the large eAudiobook files.

Can I burn an eAudiobook to a CD and play it?

No. Files are encrypted so they will not play from a CD.

Can I play eAudiobooks on a Mac or iPod?

Our eAudiobook vendor has recently begun offering eAudiobooks in the mp3 file format that will play on a Mac or iPod. Click here for more information from our eAudiobook vendor.

I can't find the link to create a NetLibrary account.

The link to "Create a Free Account" is in the upper right of any NetLibrary page. If you are not seeing this link, your computer may be blocking the message containing the address of the page you are coming from. This could be done from anonymous browsing software, firewall (e.g. Norton Personal Firewall), or browser settings (referrer loging in Opera). You must either disable this software temporarily while you login, or reconfigure it. To reconfigure, check your software's help or support for HTTP_REFERER, referer or referrer and set it so this setting is turned off or disabled for the Library's site.

I can't find an eAudiobook I want to listen to.

The library has thousands of conventional audiobooks on CD and cassette.

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