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On Thursday, June 19, 2014 you’ll have the great opportunity to record and preserve stories from your life at the Clarkston Library. As part of its celebration of World Refugee Day, which is June 20, the branch will provide space for StoryCorps Atlanta to do interviews with people from the community between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Please visit the branch at 951 N. Indian Creek Drive in Clarkston or call 404.508.7175 to make a reservation.

This isn’t the first time StoryCorps has done interviews at a DeKalb County Public Library branch.

One of the other occasions was in the fall of 2012 when StoryCorps did interviews at the Stonecrest Library with people who lived in or near the Arabia Mountain Heritage Area/Flat Rock Community of DeKalb County. The StoryCorps interviews were part of a special program series called Building Common Ground: Discussions of Community, Civility and Compassion. The programs celebrated the history, diversity and preservation of the Flat Rock-Arabia Mountain Community and were funded by a $2,500 grant from the American Library Association and the Fetzer Institute.

The complete StoryCorps interviews recorded at the Stonecrest branch are preserved at the American Folklife Center at the U.S. Library of Congress. Following are excerpts from those interviews:

Patricia Bryant Hughes, Jonathan Waits

Jonathan Waits talks to his cousin Patricia Bryant Hughes about how he started the Flat Rock Museum and how his family acquired the land where it sits.

Download MP3 (6.48 MB)

Jonathan Waits talks to his cousin Patricia Bryant Hughes about the slave cemetery and the people who were uncomfortable calling it that.

Download MP3 (3.27 MB)

Jonathan Waits talks to his cousin Patricia Bryant Hughes about the unpaved roads in the Flat Rock Community, the way the city grew, and the oldest churches in DeKalb County.

Download MP3 (3.11 MB)

Theodore Bryant Jr.

Theodore Bryant Jr. talks to his daughter Patricia Bryant Hughes about their family history in the Flat Rock Community, working on a farm, the difficulties of going to school as a black child, and the importance of education.

Download MP3 (5.42 MB)

Barbara Lester

Barbara Lester talks to Teresa Totten about her mother, the first African American elected to the Lithonia City Council.

Download MP3 (3.37 MB)

Barbara Lester talks to Teresa Totten about the history of racial segregation in the community.

Download MP3 (3.18 MB)

Above, left to right: Thajura Harmon-Unongo, Library Outreach Coordinator Myguail Chapel, Florence Minton, and Stonecrest Library Branch Manager Teresa Totten

Florence Minton talks to Thajura Harmon-Unongo about why she decided to move to DeKalb County, what the community was like back then, the schools her children attended, and why her sense of community is so strong.

Download MP3 (5.64 MB)

Florence Minton talks to Thajura Harmon-Unongo about her passion for the local church, for learning, for independence, and for the library.

Download MP3 (2.9 MB)

StoryCorps is an independent nonprofit project with the mission of providing Americans of all backgrounds and beliefs the opportunity to record, share, and preserve the stories from their lives. It is one of the largest oral history projects of its kind.


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