Blood Red Road

Blood Red Road by Moira Young Ridley Scott (the director of blockbuster action flicks like Gladiator, and cult classics such as Blade Runner and Alien) has already optioned the movie rights to this story, so we may be in for a big-budget cinematic adaptation of this gritty survival tale. Saba is fierce, determined, and more […]

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The Twin’s Daughter

The Twin’s Daughter by Lauren Baratz-Logsted Lucy Sexton is thirteen years old and lives in Victorian London.  Coming home one day, she discovers  a lady on her doorstep that looks just like her mother. It wasn’t her mother at the door but her mother’s twin. Lucy is not only confused by the addition of her […]

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Wish:a novel by Alexandra Bullen

Olivia Larson always had it easy alongside her daring twin sister, Violet. After Violets death, the lives of the Larson family gets turned upside down. With the help of three magical dresses, Olivia tries to restore balance by using one and wishing her sister back. Invisible to all but her sister, Violet gives advice and […]

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